General Magic Stuff:

  1. Necromancy is banned by the Mages Guild. Unless the whole party is down, it may be a good idea not to cast necromancy spells, and certainly not where you can be seen.
  2. Soul trap info has been added below.

Soul Traps: The creature must die in a round that soul trap is still active. Going unconscious is not enough to trap the soul.

New Level 0 (All classes with cantrips have)

Soul Trap: Soul trap on touch for 2 rounds.

New Level 1 (All classes with spells – the alchemist)

Ranged Soul Trap: Close ranged touch attack soul trap for 3 rounds

New Level 2 (All classes with spells – the alchemist)

Greater Soul Trap: Medium Ranged touch attack soul trap for 1 round/level.

New Level 6 (All classes who receive remove disease and get 6th level spells.

Remove Blight disease: Exactly as remove disease but can target blight disease. Blight disease has a DC of 5+the diseases DC. If used to restore non Blight Diseases the the spell gets a +10.

The Following Spells Are Banned!
Protection from X Spells
Infernal Healing
Any understand/speak/read languages spell
Blood Money
Crafter’s Fortune
Masterwork Transformation
Repair, Mend, Make Whole and friends
Beast Shape and any similar spell
Familiar Melding
Shadow Projection
Any house making spell
Time Stop
Weapons Against Evil

The Following Spells Are Changed
Charm Person – Still makes the target friendly to you, but you cannot control them as pets with Cha. checks.
Detect Magic – This is now a first level spell for every class who had it level 0.
Fiery Shuriken – Shuriken cap is 5 at level 9.
Stoneskin – Becomes DR 10/Dwarven
Remove Disease – cannot target blight or corpus disease.
Word of Recall: Word of recall calls you to the nearest temple of your deity. There are no daedric shrines in the Iliac Bay region, so daedric priests loose access to this spell.
Mage’s Disjunction – 3.5 version – kills magic items again, not just shuts them down!
Summon Monster
Summon Nature’s Ally


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