Enchanting obviously needs to be updated a little to fit into an Elder Scrolls game, mostly because of the need to enchant with Soul Gems. Obviously, you must have filled soul gem to enchant an item. If you buy already filled soul gems, they could run you a lot of money, so you will mainly want to fill them your self. Each Soul gem can enchant an item or piece of equipment up to a certain maximum. To stick with Elder scrolls tradition, and item may only be enchanted once, so no going back and enchanting it more later. You may put enchantment slots in any item as long ay you have the proper crafting feat (so ring enchantments in clothing takes Craft wondrous items and forge rings) and for balance sake they cost 15% more to enchant. They do not increase the sales price though.

Either way, the soul gem does not replace the cost of the enchantment, it is in addition to the cost of the enchantment. If enchanting weapons/armor the cost is to get it to the next level in its natural progression (adding flaming to Daedric would be from 6 to 7, while Ebony would be from 5-6).

There are three requirements that must be met to enchant an item from the soul gem. The first is for weapons and armor only. It is the maximum enchantment that can be had from that soul gem. This should be pretty self explanatory, if you only have a petty soul gem (+1) and want to add shocking burst (a +2 enchantment) you can’t do so. You would need at least a filled lesser soul gem. If the weapon/armor enchantment is a flat cost, then it goes off of the Maximum Price, explained below.

The next requirement applies to any non weapon/armor enchantment. That is the Item Max Price. That is the highest priced item that soul gem can enchant. For instance, a petty soul gem has a value of 5000, so it could be used to enchant a belt of giant strength +2 (4000 gold) but not a belt of giant strength +4 (16000 gold).

The final requirement must be met by all items. That is the Caster Level requirements must also be met by the soul gem. The caster level of the soul gem is the CR of the soul trapped inside(minimum 1). For instance, to trap a hill giant (CR 7) you need at least a lesser soul (Maximum CR 10). You could then enchant an item with a caster level requirement of 7, but not one of 8 or higher, even though the soul gem COULD have trapped a greater soul.

Soul gem requirements cannot be forgone like other requirements by increasing the crafting DC.

Scrolls and potions do not take soul gems to enchant.

Some enchantments may not be allowed.

Unlike regular PF you may add enchantments on weapons and armor that don’t count as magical.

And the Soul Gem Chart:

Soul Gem Weapon/Armor Maximum Enchantment Value Item – Maximum Priced Enchantable Maximum CR Held Value Empty Value Full
Petty +1 5000 5 10 625
Lesser +2 12000 10 20 1250
Common +3 24000 15 40 2500
Greater +4 50000 20 100 5000
Grand +5 Any 25 250 10000
Azuras Star +6 Any Any(Non-humanoid) 1000 25000
Black Soul Gem +6 Any Any(Can capture humanoids 1000 25000


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