The Atronach

Wombburn: You do not recover your magick naturally, through sleep. Instead, you gain spell resistance equal to 9+character level, except if they fail you absorb any spells cast that are hostile and cast by an enemy OR that are during combat where you are a target. If you absorb the spells, you can gain back spent spell slots. You can split these up anyway you want, on a 1 for 1 basis. You can save these spell slots until you have enough to restore a higher level spell if you desire. If you absorb more spells than you have empty slots you take mana burn, which deals 1d10+1 damage for each spell level not absorbed. You gain a +4 to your primary casting stat.

Characters with Ki may also absorb these spells and add it to their ki pool. Every spell restores 1 ki, unless its a level 8 or 9 spell in which case it restores 2. You gain a pool of ki equal to your relevant ability score until you gain it through your class. Until you gain it as a class ability the only thing you can spend your ki on is getting an extra 20 feet of movement. Once you gain ki through your class you increase the amount of your pool by 2. At level 8 and 16 they qualify for the feats below respectively. You do not naturally regain your ki and must absorb spells to restore your pool. If you gain spell resistance as a class ability you can choose to loose it and increase your Atronach resistance by two, or have them overlap as normal.

Note: If a spell has multiple targets and you are one, the spell effects all other targets normally. Only you are unaffected if you successfully absorb the spell.

New feats:
Improved Atronach
Requirements: Atronach Birthsign, ability to cast level 3 Spells or be a 8th level class with ki.
increase your atronach spell resistance by 2.

Greater Atronach
Requirements: Improved Atronach feat, ability to cast 7th level spells or be an 16th level class with ki.
increase your atronach spell Resistance by an additional 3. This stacks with the resistance gained from improved atronach.

The Atronach

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