The Following Feats Are Banned
Dazing Spell
Dervish Dance
Divine Protection

The Following Feats Are New

Versatile Class

You may take one class, archetype or PRC that is not part of your Elder Scroll Class.

Normal: You may not take pathfinder classes, archetypes or PRC’s that do not fall under your Elder Scroll Class.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time you do it applies to a new class, archetype or PRC.

The Following Feats Are Changed

Craft Wondrous Item/Brew Potion: There are several potions/elixirs on the craft wondrous item list. All those brewing items fall off the wondrous item list and onto the brew potion list.

The Following 3rd Part Feats Are Legal

Quick Stow

Quick Draw, Dex 10

You can stow a weapon as a free action. i.e. re-sheath a sword or dagger, stow your bow, etc. This is only useable on actual weapons not wands, rods, etc.

It is a move action to stow a weapon.

Powerful Strike

Your blows are extremely powerful.

Power Attack, Cleave or Vital Strike, Weapon Focus & Weapon Specialization in a melee weapon Str 18

When attacking with a melee weapon that you have both weapon focus and weapon specialization in, you add 1.5 times your strength modifiers to damage rolls while wielding a weapon one handed. If wielding a weapon two handed, you add 2 times your strength modifier to damage rolls. However, striking blows in such a way is highly risky, and while using this feat you take a -2 penalty to AC. You may not use this feat while using the weapon finesse feat. You cannot combine this with other attacks that raise your strength damage to hits such as Overhand Chop (Fighter Two Handed Fighter).

When wielding a weapon one handed, you add only 1 times your strength modifier to damage, or 1.5 times your strength modifier with two handed weapons. In addition, while attacking, you don not take a -2 penalty to AC.


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