Summon Monster

Summon Monster 1

Creature Subtype
Bloody Skeleton
Cave Rat *
Dog *
Dolphin *
Bone Hawk *
Shalk *

Summon Monster 2

Creature Subtype
Atronach, Thrall# Elemental
Scamp. Chaotic, Evil
Guar *
Wolf *
Skeever *

Summon Monster 3

Creature Subtype
Skeletal Champion
Lesser Bonewalker
Atronach# Elemental
Zombie Guardian
Alit *
Ox *
Bat *

Summon Monster 4

Creature Subtype
Hell Hound. Lawful, Evil
Mountain Lion *
Slaughterfish *
Black Bear *

Summon Monster 5

Creature Subtype
Bone Walker
Hunger. Lawful, chaotic, Evil
Atronach, Potent# Elemental
Faded Wraith
Bone Man
Seeker. Evil
Sabretooth Tiger *
Brown Bear *

Summon Monster 6

Creature Subtype
Centurion Sphere. Good
Clannfear. Lawful, Good, Evil, Chaotic
Atronach, Guardian# Elemental
Ancient Ghost
Mist Man

Summon Monster 7

Creature Subtype
Lesser Daedra Evil, Lawful, Chaotic
Atronach, Dire# Elemental
Spider Daedra. Lawful, Evil

Summon Monster 8

Creature Subtype
Daedroth. Lawful,Evil,Chaotic
Atronach, Acient# Elemental
Steam Centurion Good

Summon Monster 9

Creature Subtype
Ogrim. Evil
Winged Twilight. Good
Gloom Wraith

#Summoned Atronachs can only use 1 SLA once while summoned

  • These creatures must take one of the following templates or may choose not to have a template: Ironskinned, Nocturnal, River Born, or he may gain the respective Dr he would if using an outsider template, though he gains no other features.

Summon Monster

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